Electromechanical Technician Motor Vehicle
Duration of study:

2000 hours

  • engines
  • Fluid circuits. Suspension and steering
  • Transmission and braking systems
  • Start loading systems
  • Basic machining
  • Training and career counseling.
  • Auxiliary engine systems
  • Auxiliary electrical circuits of the vehicle
  • Safety and comfort systems
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Formation in work centers

What I learn and do?

Perform maintenance, transfor¬maciones monta¬je accessories and in the areas of mechanical, hydraulics, pneumatic and electric automotive sector, conforming to established procedures and times, compliance with quality specifications, safety and environmental protection.

  • Select the repair processes interpreting the technical information in manuals and catalogs.
  • Troubleshoot mechanical systems, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical-electronic, vehicle, using the relevant instruments and diagnostic equipment.
  • Repair the internal combustion engine and its auxiliary systems using techniques prescribed by the manufacturers repair.
  • repair sets, subassemblies and components of electric-vehicle electronic systems using techniques prescribed by the manufacturers repair.
  • Replace and adjust elements of the suspension and steering systems.
  • Repair transmission systems applying braking forces and repair techniques prescribed by manufacturers.

Work in the construction sector and vehicle maintenance, subsectors in car, motorcycles and heavy vehicles.

Keep studying:

  • Preparing to test access to higher-level vocational.
  • Another cycle of Vocational Training Middle Grade with the possibility of professional validation modules according to current regulations.
  • The Bachelor in any of its forms

Occupations and positions are most relevant work:

  • Vehicle Electronicista.
  • Electrician electronic automotive maintenance and repair.
  • Car mechanic.
  • Auto electrician.
  • Electromechanical motor.
  • Motor mechanic and auxiliary systems of automobiles and motorcycles.
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic systems repairer.
  • Repairman transmission systems and brakes.
  • Repairman steering and suspension systems.
  • ITV operator.
  • Vehicle accessories installer.
  • Operator of companies engaged in the manufacture of spare parts.
  • Electromechanical motorcycle.
  • Dealer / distributor of spare parts and diagnostic equipment


Direct access to intermediate vocational training required to be in possession of, at least, one of the following titles, certificates or conditions:

  • Basic Professional Title.
  • Title Technical Assistant.
  • Técnico.
  • Certificate in Secondary Education.
  • Certificate in Secondary Education, provided that the pupil has passed the final evaluation of Secondary Education for the option of teaching applied. *
  • Bachelor's degree or higher Bachelor.
  • Having passed the second course of the first experimental cycle of intermediate education reform.
  • have overcome, the teachings of Applied Arts and Crafts, the third year of the plan 1963 or the second common experimental.
  • Having passed the compulsory modules of a program Initial Vocational Training prior to the implementation of the first course of cycles of Basic Training.
  • Have passed the specific training course for access to intermediate vocational and having 17 years in the year of completion.
  • Accredit have a maximum of two subjects in the whole of the first two courses Baccalaureate Unified and Polyvalent.
  • Meet any of the requirements for access to higher vocational training.

*In accordance with LOMCE the title of ESO, obtained prior to the implementation of the final evaluation of ESO established in LOMCE, allow access intermediate vocational without the requirement of having passed the final evaluation of Secondary Education.

Access by trial.

Those who do not have direct access can enter a training cycle of middle grade after passing a test. To access this way is required to have at least seventeen years of age in the year of conducting the test. They are exempt from testing those who have passed the entrance examination to college for over 25 years

Summary: Vehicle Electromechanics TMV02M


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