The Vocational Training Centre IES PROVIDENCE It is an Education Center, Public Concertado de titularidad Municipal y dependiente de la Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Castilla y León, that began in 1965 with the name “PROVIDENCE” created by the Congregation of the Sisters of Mary and Joseph.

Since the year 2001 is the name of Secondary School ” Providence”, currently attached to IES “castella Vetula” where relevant documentation is deposited and the good working relationship that exists.

Training associated teachings are offered to National Catalog of Professional Qualifications leading to obtaining Titles of Vocational Training and Professional Certificates


Nestled in the center of the region of “Las Merindades” characterized in that peripheral zone, high degree of isolation, low population density and large economic disparity among different municipalities that compose predominance of agriculture and livestock with. Medina de Pomar stands as shopping and services.